White Peppercorns (muntok)

$ 4.20

The whole subject of peppers is complicated. White pepper, grown in Indonesia, is the final version of pepper. It's the ripest of the peppers with a distinct flavor but little aroma. White pepper is processed by soaking the peppercorn in water for up to a week. The outer black covering is washed off leaving the white inner core.White pepper is preferred by a number of countries, the British for example. Most cuisines use white pepper in dishes where specks would be unattractive, e.g., white sauce. There are several; types of white peppers. Muntok is most often sold in the U.S.A Brazilian freeze-dried white peppercorn is no longer available in this country. It grows in a small area of northern Brazil and is a very high premium pepper. This pepper is shipped to France and freeze-dried