Turmeric Ground

$ 5.75

Turmeric is a member of the ginger family. Like ginger, the rhizomes comprise the spice. PureSpice turmeric comes from India, the main producer. I have in the past bought turmeric from Indian importers. To me it had a musty smell and poor color. Indians prefer the mustiness. However, it is not the preference of most Americans, including me. A less popular Indian turmeric is Alli Peppi. At PureSpice we prefer its mild earthy flavor. It is slightly peppery, slightly bitter and very aromatic.Turmeric is essential to many S. Asian dishes - curries, vegetarian dishes and lentils. It is also a traditional textile dye, e.g., the "saffron" robes of the Buddhist monks.Turmeric is the secret ingredient in commercial mustards, barbeque sauces, mayonnaise and soups. I use it with chicken and