Tandoori Seasoning

$ 4.75

Tandoori is one of our most popular products and is my favorite. I have been making Tandoori chicken for thirty years. I learned with Tandoori about blending spices and the convenience of having them on hand. I originally bought Tandoori in an Indian shop in Georgetown, D.C. I took it home, tried it, and it was wonderful! The recipe was simple: mix a tablespoon of spice with a tablespoon of yogurt, slather it on the chicken and bake or grill. The result tastes as if you've been in the kitchen for days.I hurried to Georgetown to buy more, but the shop was out of business. I searched New York, Boston and Philadelphia for Tandoori, all in vain. A friend and I, using what was left in the original bottles, began the attempt to copy it. We talked with Indian cooks, we read recipes and f