Mace Blades

$ 6.00

is the lacy growth surrounding the kernel of a nutmeg seed. This evergreen tree, which is unique in that it produces two distinct spices, is native to the Moluccas, also known as the Spice Islands. Today, one-third of the worlds supply comes from Grenada, W.I.Mace was used heavily from the Middle Ages to this century. Sadly its popularity has declined. Mace and nutmeg have similar rich, warm aromas and a highly aromatic taste. Mace is milder and more subtle. It is also more expensive (partially due to the time consuming production process). Beware, mace is sometimes mixed with nutmeg and sold as pure mace.Mace is particularly helpful in savory dishes. If used wisely, it can enhance flavor without adding flavor of it's own. In oyster stew, for example, it seems to intensify the oyste