Ginger Crystallized

$ 4.25

Ginger, it would seem, is the newest fad in food. New products recently introduced include ginger tea, ginger sauces of several varieties, ginger jelly and ginger mustard. It is strange to call ginger a fad when it has been in constant use in India and China since early history.Jamaica is the best source of premium ginger. The spice part is the fat, irregular shaped rhizomes of the ginger plant. It is both pungent and lemony with earthy notes.Fresh ginger is used extensively in Pacific Rim cuisines. It is the principal supplier of the heat so loved in these cuisines. Dried ginger is used in Mideastern and Western cooking. Besides the well known gingerbread, it is a great addition to cheese dishes because it balances the egg and cheese flavors. Ginger is especially good with vegetable