Cardamom Whole

$ 5.50

Cardamom is one of the most ancient spices, highly valued and expensive. PureSpice is among the few spice companies that continue to sell cardamom, as it is not a large volume seller. PureSpice extra fancy green cardamom is considered the best. White cardamom is simply bleached green pods. Cardamom grows wild in the rain forests of Southern India and Sri Lanka, but is also cultivated in other similar climates. Loose seeds and ground cardamom lose their flavor quickly.Cardamom can enhance b oth sweet and savory tastes. The flavor is in the small hard seeds, protected by the pods. In Indian cuisine, the whole pod is used in curries and garam masalas. In other cuisines it is used in puddings, pastries and ice creams. In various parts of the Mid and Far East, it is used in tea and coffe