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PureSpice can supply your company with over 350 of the worlds finest herbs and spices. PureSpice also has a huge selection of Rubs and other unique blends you will not find anywhere else. We have over 20 years experience providing the finest restaurants, grocery stores, specialty food stores, culinary institutions, catalogs and many others with superior, gourmet products at competitive prices.

Our spices and blends are low-fat and very healthy.  We have a sugar free line and a gluten free line of spices.  We also carry sodium-free products as well, and PureSpice is certified Kosher.

In some instances, PureSpice is able to provide you with packets of spices for any of your promotional purposes as well.

If you are interested in contacting us about Wholesale pricing, please call or text Brian Benko at 1-617-549-8400

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